The CBA Construction Law Periodical 

The CBA Periodical a regular summation of judgments and dispute resolution decisions drawn from Ireland and other common law and model law jurisdictions that touch upon matters of construction law and/or the resolution of construction disputes.

Members who would care to contribute to the CBA Periodical should contact Michael Judge BL or John McDonagh SC 

The CBA Periodical – Edition 12 – July 2021

The CBA Periodical – Edition 11 – April 2021

The CBA Periodical – Edition 10 – December 2020

The CBA Periodical – Edition 9 – July 2020

The CBA Periodical – Edition 8 – December 2019

The CBA Periodical – Edition 7 – July 2019 

The CBA Periodical – Edition 6 – March 2019

The CBA Periodical – Edition 5 – December 2018

The CBA Periodical – Edition 4 – July 2017

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The CBA Periodical – Edition 2 – March 2016

The CBA Periodical – Edition 1 – July 2015



Please see below the full CBA Codex created by Members in the context of the regular CBA Technical Talks Programme, the CBA Annual Construction Law Conferences, the CBA Summer / Christmas Lectures and the CBA Construction Law Periodical.

Full access to papers listed below is reserved to the Members of the CBA and may be accessed via the Members Only section; alternatively, individual papers they may be sought from the Secretary by specific request.


1. Inaugural Paper – Cian Ferriter SC

“Some Topical Issues in Construction Law Disputes Paper for Inaugural Meeting of the Construction Bar Association Of Ireland.”


2. AGM Paper I – Jim O’Callaghan SC

“Applications To Refer Proceedings To Arbitration Under Article 8 (1) Of The Model Law.”


3. AGM Paper II – Patricia Hill BL

“Litigating Architect’s Certificates Issued Under Construction Contracts.”


4. Michaelmas Paper I – Michael Binchy BL

“Performance Bonds in Construction Contracts.”


5. Michaelmas Paper II – Denis Cronin BL

The Liability of Architects for Inspection – Time for Review.”


 6. November Open Conference 2013 – Paul Gardiner SC

“The Fundamental Principles of Expert Evidence.” 


7. November Open Conference 2013 – Brian Murray SC

“Expert Evidence in Construction Disputes: Lessons from recent jurisprudence of the High Court.” 


8. November Open Conference 2013 – Jonathan S. FitzGerald BL

“Practical Matters: the Preparation, Presentation and Challenge of Expert Evidence.”


9. November Open Conference 2013 –  John Trainor SC

“The New Building Regulations.”


10. November Open Conference 2013 – Micheál Munnelly BL

“The Construction Contracts Act, 2013.”  


11.  November Open Conference 2013 – Fiona Forde BL

“The Government Construction Contracts.” 


12. November Open Conference 2013 – Mark Sanfey SC

“Construction Disputes and the Statute of Limitations.”


13. November Open Conference 2013 – Colm Ó h’Oisín SC 

“The Interaction of Construction Disputes and the Arbitration Act, 2010.” 


14. November Open Conference 2013 – Jennifer O’Connell BL

“Statutory Adjudication and the Construction Contracts Act, 2013: Improving Cashflow for the Construction Industry.” 


15. Hilary Paper I – Lydia Bunni BL

“Health and Safety Law in Ireland .


16. Hilary Paper II – Shay Fleming BL

New Liabilities Imposed on Home Owners under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations, 2013.


17. Hilary Paper III – Martin Waldron BL

“Delay and Disruption Claims – Contractors’ Compensation Entitlements.”


18. Hilary Paper IV – John Trainor SC

“The Law and Practice of Delay Claims: A Practical Introduction – March 2014.”


19. Easter Paper I – Paul Coughlan BL

Ex tempore talk given on the topic of pyrite related litigation


20. July Open Conference Senan Allen SC

“Argue Now, Pay Later? Challenges to the Enforcement of Adjudication Decisions.”


21. July Open Conference – Paul Brady BL 

“Statutory Adjudication and the Constitution – Some Preliminary Observations.”


22. July Open Conference  – Gerard Meehan BL 

“Adjudication – The Role of the Lawyer.”


23. July Open Conference  – John Gleeson SC

 “Contractor Insolvency in Construction Litigation.”


24. July Open Conference – Sara Moorhead SC

“Recent Developments in Recovering Damages in Defective Works Claims.”


25. July Open Conference – Eileen Barrington SC

“Public Procurement: Issues for Litigators.”


26. July Open Conference – Lydia Bunni BL

“Where ultimate responsibility lies under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.”


27. Michaelmas I of 2014 / 2015 – Jarlath FitzSimons SC

“Staying Proceedings to Arbitration in Multi-cause & Multi-party Litigation.”


28. Michaelmas II of 2014/2015 – Patrick Leonard SC

“Strategic and Practical Considerations from the Perspective of a Plaintiff in Multi-Party Construction Litigation.”


29. Hilary I 2014 / 2015 – Stephen Dodd BL

“Implications of the Proposed Vacant Site Levy.”


30. March Conference 2015 – Rory Mulcahy SC

“Damages in a Fluctuating Property Market.”


31. March Conference 2015 – Niamh Hyland SC

“Apportionment of Damages in Multi-party Litigation / Arbitration.”


32. March Conference 2015 – Patricia Hill BL

“Recoverability of Damages for Loss of Opportunity/Profits/Diversion of Resources.”


33. March Conference 2015 – Eoin McCullough SC

“Fundamental Breach in Construction Contracts.”


34. March Conference 2015 – Maurice Collins SC

“Fundamental Breach and Exclusion/Limitation of Damages Clauses.”


35. March Conference 2015 – Martin Waldron BL

“Conditions Precedent in Construction Contracts.”


36. March Conference 2015 – Michael Binchy BL

“The Law and Practice of Injunctive Relief in Construction Dispute Resolution.”


37. March Conference 2015 – Denis McDonald SC

“The Law and Practice of Security for Costs in Construction Dispute Resolution.”


38. March Conference 2015 – Stephen Dowling BL
“The Enforcement and Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards under the Model Law .”


39. Easter Paper I 2014/ 2015- Thomas Freeman BL

“The Waste Management Act: Implications for Construction Projects.”


40. CBA Summer Lecture 2015 – Mark Sanfey SC

“Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014: Implications For Dispute Resolution”


41. Construction Law Periodical – Lydia Bunni BL, Claire Cummins BL, Sinead Drinan BL, Sonja O’Connor BL, Anita Finucane BL

CBA’s Construction Law Periodical – First Edition – July 2015


42. Michaelmas I 2015/2016 – Lydia Bunni BL

“Risk and Insurance in Construction”


43. Michaelmas II 2015/2016 – Micheal Munnelly BL 

“Late Notification of Defects – The Consequences”


44. Easter I 2015/2016 – John Lyden

“Fair Valuation of Variations and Contractual Quantum Meruit”


45. Easter II 2015/2016 – Barry Mansfield BL

“Interim Measures in Arbitration”


46. Easter III 2015/2016 – Anthony Hussey, Solicitor

“Changes to the Public Works Contracts”


47. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – John Gibbons SC

“Adjudication and the Courts”


48. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Paul Sreenan SC

“Court Review of Arbitral Decisions”


49. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Claire Cummins BL

“Practical Procedural Issues Arising from Recent Case Law”


50. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – James Burke BL

“Consumer Protection and Defective Materials”


51.  CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Brian Kennedy SC

“Pyrite Litigation Before the ECJ”


52.   CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Deirdre Ni Fhlionn BL

“Compliance with the Building Regulations and Liability”


53. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – David Nolan SC

“The Law of Professional Negligence and Construction Professionals”


54. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Sadhbhanna Ni Fhlionn BL

“Insurance and the Construction Professional”


55. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference – Paul Gallagher SC

“Economic Loss”


56. Michaelmas I of 2016/2017 Peter Stafford BL

“Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Bill, 2016”


57. Michaelmas II of 2016/2017 – John Trainor SC

“The Civil Liability of Certifiers” (Christmas Lecture 2016 – available to view online in the Codex)

(Click on title to download)


58. Easter I 2016/2017 – Aodhán Ó Riain BL

“Enforcement in Construction Disputes”


59. Easter II 2016/2017 – Niav O’Higgins, Solicitor 

“Contracting in Construction – Current Trends 2017”


60. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017  – Sir Antony Edwards-Stuart


61. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Construction Mediation” – Helen Kilroy, Solicitor


62. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“Clauses 10.6 and 10.7 of the Public Works Contracts” – Gerard Meehan BL


63. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“Recent Developments in Construction Procurement” – Catherine Donnelly BL


64. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“Rules of Court and Procedures Relevant to Construction Claims” – Lydia B. Bunni BL


65. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“Resurgence in Property and Construction – Planning Law” – Neil Steen SC


66. CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2017

“The Application of the Arbitration Act 2010 by the Irish Courts” – David Barniville SC


67.  Trinity I 2016/2017 – Judicial Review of Adjudication Decisions – A View from Australia – Mathew Bell, Melbourne University (Webcast also available on Codex). 


68. Michaelmas 2017/2018 – Fire Regulation and Enforcement – David Dodd BL


69. Hillary I 2017/2018 – An Anatomy of an Adjudication (No Paper) – Bernard Gogarty, Solicitor & Partner – Smyth & Sons


70. Hillary II 2017/2018 – Vacant Housing Refurbishment Bill 2017- Barra McCabe BL


72. An Overview of the Mud Act 2011 – Mema Byrne BL


73. Building Defects in Multi-Unit Developments – Barra McCabe BL


74. Security Issues: The Position of Financial Institutions in Multi-Unit Developments – Patrick Leonard SC


75. Dispute Resolution Clauses under RIAI and PWC – John McDonagh SC


76. The New RIAI Building Contract: A Much needed Facelift for an Old Dame? – Martin CooneyPartner ByrneWallace


77. Variations, Delay and Disruption – Martin Waldron BL


78. Disclaiming Negligent Misstatement – Jonathan S. FitzGerald BL


79. Statute of Limitations Developments – Richard Lyons SC


80. Collateral Warranties on Construction Projects – Margaret Austin, Partner, Eugene F Collins


81. Michaelmas I 2018/2019 – BC(A)R Lacunae: Charting the Uncharted – Orla Fitz. Gerld, Architect


82. Michaelmas II 2018/2019 – Structural Defects and Interim Protective Measures – Jarlath Fitzsimons SC


83. Easter I 2018/2019 – Termination of Public Contracts – Patrick Crowe BL


84. Easter II 2018/2019 – Crumbling Foundations in Connecticut and Canada – Carolyn Lumsden


85. Trinity I 2019/2019 – Principles of Environmental Law in a Construction Context – James Kane BL


86. Conference 2019 – Conciliation v Adjudication – Is the Tide Turning in Favour of Adjudication? – Anthony Hussey, Partner Hussey Fraser


87. Conference 2019 – Is Domestic Arbitration Fit for Purpose – Colm O’hOisin SC


88. Conference 2019 –  PUBLIC PROCUREMENT: ISSUES FOR LITIGATORS –Eileen Barrington SC


89. Conference 2019 – Enforcing the Decisions of Adjudicators in Construction Disputes: A Practical Guide Gerard Meehan BL and Stephen Brittain BL


90. Conference 2019 – Concurrent Wrongdoers and Defender v HSBC – Kelley Smith BL


91. Liquidated Damages – Richard Stowe, Partner Beauchamps


92. Disputes Management Procedure and Standing Conciliators – The Public Works Contracts – Tom Wren


93. Housing Challenges of our ageing population – Séan Moynihan, ALONE CEO


94. European Union (Energy Performance of Building Regulations) 2019 – Peter Shanley BL


95. Clause 13 of the PWC – An Overview of current issues – Sean Carr, Senior Associate, McCann FitzGerald solicitors


96. Practice in Construction Law and the Resolution of Construction Disputes, 2020 – Conor Duff BL & Jonathan FitzGerald BL


97. Covid-19: Payment Terms and Adjudication – Killian Dorney, Beale and Co Solicitors


98. Bonds in Pandemic Times – Reg Jackson BL


99. Delay and Disruption – The Covid Effect – Tom Carey, Turner Townsend and Jonathan Fitzgerald BL


100. Construction Law, High-density Housing/MUDs, and Recent Changes – Construction Bar Association and The Housing Agency


101. Hot Tubbing in Northern Ireland: The experience of the Northern Irish courts in hearing ‘concurrent expert evidence – Mark Tottenham BL


102. The Employers Representative, A Perspective – Claire White, O’Connell Mahon Architects


103. Judicially Reviewing the Adjudicator – Stephen Dowling SC


104. Adjudication – The Thorny Issues – John Trainor SC, Patricia Hill BL and James Burke BL


105. Anatomy of a Construction Dispute – Ken O’Connor, O’Connor Doyle Quantity Surveyor


106. Consumer Issues in Construction Contracts – Cian Cotter BL


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