CBA2016Conf124The CBA was established to provide continuing education for Irish barristers in the area of construction law and practice by scheduling regular seminars and meetings with delivery of papers to its membership, to act as a critical hub for the independent practitioners in the Law Library with an interest in construction law and to promote awareness of the skills and experience of barristers and the added value that they can bring to the resolution of construction disputes.

On Thursday 16th July 2015, the CBA resolved to create two new forms of Membership of the Association to enable members of the solicitor’s profession to join as a matter of right (by individual or by firm) and to allow other construction professionals of high standing to become members by invitation.

This new departure for a Bar Association reflects the reality of the provision of superior and sophisticated legal services in the construction field where independent professions are called upon to work together in close concert in the best interests of their clients.

These initiatives were implemented from September 2015 and have proven to be a remarkable success.

The CBA has grown since its inception at a meeting of 3 like-minded lawyers in April 2013 to include over 130 Members of the Law Library and solicitors of the following firms Hayes Solicitors, Eugene F Collins Solicitors, Noel Smyth & Partners Solicitors, Giles J Kennedy Solicitors, Kent Carty Solicitors, Philip Lee Solicitors, Clarke Jeffers & Co. Solicitors, Beale & Co Solicitors, Smyth & Son Solicitors, Dillon Eustace Solicitors,  Flynn O’Driscoll Solicitors,  Byrnewallace Solicitors, Hussey Fraser Solicitors, Comyn Kelleher Tobin Solicitors, Murphy’s Law Solicitors,  Denis O’Driscoll & Associates, Beauchamps Solicitors, Business & Commercial Solicitors, Gore Grimes Solicitors, Corrigan & Corrigan Solicitors, A&L Goodbody Solicitors, McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, DAC Beachcroft Solicitors, Mason Hayes & Curran Solicitors, Eversheds Solicitors, Matheson Solicitors, Arthur Cox Solicitors and Reddy Charlton Solicitors.

If you have any queries concerning the CBA or Membership of same please email the Secretary at cba@lawlibrary.ie