Recording – Residential Construction Law Book Launch: 13th January 2022



The Construction Bar Association of Ireland in conjunction with Hart Publishing is pleased to invite you to the Irish launch of Residential Construction Law, published in 2021 by Hart Publishing, by authors Philip Britton and Matthew Bell, with specialist contributions from Kim Vernau and Deirdre Ní Fhloinn BL.

About the authors

Philip Britton is former Visiting Professor and Director of the Centre of Construction Law, King’s College London, UK. Philip has written and lectured extensively in the field of property law and residential construction law.

Matthew Bell is Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of Studies for Construction Law at Melbourne Law School, Australia. Matthew is the author of many publications in the field of construction law, including the texts Construction Law in Australia and Understanding Australian Construction Contracts (with Ian Bailey), and his scholarship and teaching has been recognised in several awards.

Kim Vernau is Chair of Women’s Pioneer Housing and Non-Executive Director of the Housing Association Property Mutual. She is the former CEO of BLP Insurance, a provider of housing warranty insurance and commercial development latent defects insurance.

Dr. Deirdre Ní Fhloinn is a practising barrister who specialises in residential and commercial construction disputes. She completed her PhD at Trinity College Dublin, pursuant to a scholarship from the Irish Research Council, on the subject of legal remedies for defective housing, and holds an MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution from King’s College, London.  Deirdre lectures and publishes widely on construction law and related subjects.

About the book

This is the first book to offer a systematic and analytical overview of the legal framework for residential construction. In doing so, the book addresses two fundamental questions:

Prevention: What assurances can the law give buyers (and later owners and occupiers) of homes that construction work – from building of a complete home to adding an extension or replacing a shower unit – will comply with minimum standards of design, safety and build quality?

Cure: What forms of redress – from whom, and by what route – can residents expect, when, often long after completion of construction, they discover defects?

The resulting problems pose some big and difficult questions of principle and policy about standards, rights and remedies, which in turn concern justice more generally.

This book addresses these key issues in a comparative context across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It is an accessible guide to the existing law for residents and construction professionals (and their legal advisers), but also charts a course to further, meaningful reforms of the legal landscape for residential construction around the world.

The book’s two co-authors, Philip Britton and Matthew Bell, have taught in the field in the UK, Australia and New Zealand; both have been active in legal practice, as have the book’s two specialist contributors, Deirdre Ní Fhloinn and Kim Vernau.

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