CBA Tech Talk – Defective Materials: Experience in North America

Carolyn Lumsden, a journalist from the Hartford Courant who has written extensively on the issue of pyrite litigation and redress, has agreed to be a guest speaker for the CBA on Wednesday, 13th February in the Gaffney Room.  A small drinks reception will follow downstairs in the Sheds following the Tech Talk.

“In 2007, Carolyn Lumsden became the first woman in charge of editorials at the oldest newspaper in the U.S., The Hartford Courant (founded in 1764). She left The Courant in late 2018 to write about crumbling home foundations in Connecticut and other countries with the help of a Pulliam Fellowship.¬† Carolyn has a master’s degree in communications from Stanford University in California and one in legal studies from Yale Law School in Connecticut. She has twice been honoured by the national Society of Professional Journalists for her editorials.”

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