The CBA Annual Conference

CBA2016Conf034The CBA would like to express its profound gratitude to the many people who generously contributed of their time, expertise and skill to ensure the success of CBA Annual Construction Law Conference 2016.

The CBA are very grateful to the organising subcommittee who planned and implemented the event, to the Bar Council, and most particularly Chairman David Barniville SC, who have shown unstinting support for the activities of the CBA since its inception, and to the chairpersons and the nine presenters as follows:

Mr. Justice Gilligan (Chairperson – Defective Materials – Liability and Consumer Protection); Brian Kennedy SC,  Deirdre Ni Fhlionn, James Burke BL,CBA2016Conf035 David Barniville SC (Chairperson – Judicial Oversight), Paul Sreenan SC, John Gibbons SC, Claire Cummins BL, Denis O’Driscoll (Chairperson – Professional Negligence in Construction Disputes), Paul Gallagher SC, David Nolan SC and Sadhbhanna Ni Fhlionn BL.  The impressive cast of contributors exceeded the high expectation of their respective reputations.

The CBA would be remiss not to thank the staff of  the Sheds and Christophe’s who provided vital refreshments (of various potency) to maintain the attendees during the afternoon (and evening…).

Finally, we would like to thank all the attendees at the event for making their way to the Distillery Building on the afternoon in question.  We hope that you enjoyed the substantive event and the opportunity to mingle with other Members and attendees thereafter.  We look forward to seeing you at the CBA Tech Talks in the Summer Term and at the Summer Lecture and Garden Party in July (date TBC). The Papers delivered at the Conference are now available to Members to download from the Codex.

Jonathan S. FitzGerald BL

CBA Secretary

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