CBA Tech Talks – Changes Introduced in January 2016 to the Public Works Contracts

Members are reminded that Anthony Hussey of Hussey Fraser shall present his paper entitled “Changes Introduced in January 2016 to the Public Works Contracts” on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am in the Sheds, Law Library Distillery Building, 145-151 Church Street, Dublin 7.

The excellent paper includes a focused commentary on the experience of the PWC in operation over the past 9 years and a discussion in that context of the principal recent amendments to the PWC in relation to Bills of Quantities, price agreements in advance with Named Specialists and the additional layers introduced to the PWC’s dispute resolution mechanism.

Anthony is a well-known and respected practitioner and commentator in construction law in Ireland. His paper is the first to be delivered to the Membership by a solicitor member of the CBA.

Attendance qualifies under the CPD programmes of the Law Society and the Bar Council.  There shall be enervating Sheds’ coffee and freshly baked pastries.  We hope to see you there.



(7th March 2016)

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