By way of reminder, Micheál Munnelly BL, shall present his paper in The Sheds, Law Library Distillery Building this Thursday, the 17th of December 2015 at 08:30 am on the topic of  “Late Notification of Defects – The Consequences” which will address relevant issues in Irish construction law including:

  • Employer’s obligation to put Contractor on notice of defects appearing within the defects liability period;
  • Contractor’s entitlement to make good those defects;
  • Employer’s entitlements under defects liability clauses and under the common law;
  • Is the Employer restricted from recovering damages in respect of defects appearing during the defects liability period when the Contractor is not put on notice of those defects during the period?;
  • Limitations on the extent of damages recoverable by Employer in respect of defects appearing during defects liability period where the Contractor not put on notice until after expiry of defects liability

Copies of the paper will be made available at the Talk. Attendance qualifies under both the Law Society and the Bar Council’s CPD programmes. Coffee and pastries shall (of course) be available.  We sincerely hope to see you there.

If any Member has a topic of interest which might be suitable for presentation to the Membership as part of the Tech Talk Programme in 2016 please contact Jonathan FitzGerald BL or Michael Binchy BL.

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