Welcome to the official website for the Construction Bar Association of Ireland

The Construction Bar Association of Ireland (CBA) was founded on the 23rd of April 2013.  There was a perception among the members of the Bar of Ireland that while there is a wealth of construction law expertise at the Bar, colleagues who practise in the area of construction law do so largely in isolation from other colleagues, particularly given the private and confidential nature of arbitrations and mediations in which construction law is most often practised. In order to address this concern, the Association has been founded with a view to providing a forum for Members of the Law Library who practise in the area of construction law, or who would wish to develop such practice or expertise.

The Association provides continuing education in the area of construction law and, in particular, holds regular seminars, meetings, discussions and conferences, with delivery of papers at such meetings. The Association also seeks to promote awareness of the skills and experience of barristers in relation to construction law and the added value that they can bring through these qualities to the efficient resolution of disputes.

The Association has attracted a wide membership, ranging from those who practise regularly in the area of construction law to those whose practice only occasionally strays into this area, or who may be hoping to develop such a practice in the future. The Association has held numerous internal technical seminars throughout 2013 and 2014 and held a very successful Open Seminar in November 2013 where leading members of the inner and outer bars presented on an array of topics including expert evidence, adjudication, arbitration and the new building regulations. The event was attended by many of the leading practitioners in construction law and dispute resolution in this jurisdiction and was very well received.


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